Friday, December 27, 2013


Skateboards – Bob Krause
My name is Bob Krause. I’m the founder of Inventor Studios. We teach technology-oriented enrichment classes at independent schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. The schools I’m currently teaching our ‘Inventing Reality’ 3D modeling and printing class at are Redwood Day School and Head-Royce School, both in Oakland. Inventor Studios is also producing the Inventing Reality component of Head-Royce’s 2014 Summer Program. 

The TinkerTeacher blog is written by and for instructors teaching 3D modeling and printing to kids in K through 12 and beyond. Okay, kindergarten may be a stretch at this point. But it’s not hard to imagine early Lego enthusiasts and pencil drawing stars navigating around in 3D space and creating simple designs. Yet in my experience and the experience of teachers I’ve spoken to has been that the path to success begins to widen significantly in fifth grade. 

Comment on an existing post or drop a line with an original blog post you’d like added into the mix. We also welcome teachers and students creating and printing 3D objects to share their experiences, their ideas and Thingiverse or Tinkercad links to their classroom-ready designs.

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